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SUMC Music, Art, Drama & Dance Camp

June 11th - June 15th, 2018

$0 - $85


Music, Art, Drama & Dance Camp

June 11-15, 9am-2pm

Performance June 15 at 6:30pm


Rising 1st thru 7th Grade

Cost $85 per Child

Volunteers Rising 8th grade thru Adult $15

Sometimes fears and anxieties can make us feel like the sky is falling! On her last day on grandma’s farm, Faith falls into an afternoon nap after a busy day of playing, and into a dream where she thinks she has fallen asleep at night and forgotten to lock grandma’s chickens safely in the coop. In a panic she looks for them, and quickly finds them — now human-sized chickens wearing party hats, celebrating their “freedom” from the coop. Concerned to get them back home safely, she discovers they must cross the Pit of Fear, the Mountain of Expectations, and the Forest of the Unknown — exaggerated “dream versions” of things she is dealing with back home in real life. While facing these dangers (along with an unending stream of chicken jokes and puns), Faith is reminded of all she has learned from God’s Word which arms her, and her new poultry-pals, to trust God no matter what the fear or anxiety.

All Campers will be participating in every area of MADD camp.

With the opportunity to SING, DANCE, ACT and CREATE ALL WEEK!

Students will select a "Major" area and then will participate in all others as a "Minor"

CLASS PREFERENCES: There is limited space in each class. For those rising 1st-6th grade campers, please indicate a choice or camper will be placed at the Directors’ discretion.

MUSIC: Fun way to be introduced to a children's musical and to help lead the rest of the Camp in learning this wonderful Music.

ART: An integral part of our camp, these campers create the Scenery as well as learning all kinds of ways to be creative.

DANCE: A fun, exciting way to be involved in a children's musical through movement.

DRAMA: (an AUDITIONED class and for rising grades 3rd–6th) Auditions will be held on Sunday, June 10 at 1pm in the Worship Center. Please be prepared to read for a part and sing "Happy Birthday" and a selection from the musical (music provided that day). . If your child does not receive a role for this production, they will be placed in their second choice.

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SUMC Vacation Bible School

July 16th - July 20th, 2018

$0 - $30


July 16-20, 9am-12pm

End of Camp Program, July 20 at Noon.

Sign-ups will end on July 9, 2018

Rising Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Rising VPK welcome with Adult Volunteer

FREE Childcare provided to Adult volunteers with children younger than 4

Cost $30 per child

Volunteers Rising 7th grade to Adult $10

Rolling River Rampage invites children on a white-water rafting adventure to experience the ride of a lifetime with God! Along the river, children discover that life with God is an adventure full of wonder and surprise, and that they can trust God to be with them through anything. Relevant music, exciting science, creative crafts, fun recreation, and memorable Bible stories will help kids know that God is always with them as they ride the rapids of amazing grace!

Please check out our FAQs below. If you require more information, or have additional questions please contact


My child will be in Voluntary Preschool (VPK-Year before Kindergarten) for the 2018-2018 school year, am I required to volunteer for them to attend?!?

This year, we are requiring parents/guardians of rising VPK (4 years old) to volunteer. We have something for everyone and would love to have you join us for a fun filled week at Suntree UMC VBS 2018. We have FREE childcare for Adult Volunteers for those with Children under VPK age.

Where can I volunteer?

We have something for everyone and do our best to place volunteers in their first choices. You can volunteer in an area/age group with your child, but you do not have to. We have volunteers in class rooms and as group leaders; we have opportuities with the kids in areas such as crafts, Bible stories, games, music, and science; and we have "behind-the-scenes" areas such as kitchen, registration, and decorations. If you'd like to help us in getting ready for the week, we have a great time decorating and planning for several weeks before VBS!

I’m not sure of our summer plans yet, how late can I register?

We would really appreciate getting all registrations in by July 9th. It makes it a lot easier on us in setting up classes and teachers as well as ensuring we have enough t-shirts and supplies.

What do I do if I am going to volunteer, but I have another child too young to attend VBS?

Our wonderful nursery will be available to any of our volunteers with children infants to age 3. We will separate our nursery areas to allow more of a mini-VBS experience for those children between ages 3 and 4.

I'm a youth volunteer, can I use VBS to get volunteer hours?

YES! VBS is a great way to get volunteer hours while spending the week having fun. You'll get hours for that week, and if you help beforehand with any set up and decorating, you'll get hours for that as we

Do you have scholarships available?

We do have some scholarships available. If you are not able to pay the full registration amount, please contact